• The wind howls, but the mountain remains still. - Japanese proverb

Top Ten: Verses from Big L

In honor of what would have been Big L’s 38th birthday yesterday, I’ve made a list of my top ten favorite verses from the late legend. I’ve decided to exclude any “freestyles” from the list because some of the rhymes from his freestyles also appear in some of his songs. Plus, having to pick from … Continue reading

Review: “The Dictator”

If you’re planning on seeing The Dictator, there probably isn’t a whole lot I could say to dissuade you. If you have little to no interest in seeing The Dictator, then I most certainly couldn’t say anything to convince you it’s worth your while. I feel like The Dictator is just that kind of movie. … Continue reading

Top Ten: Verses from Inspectah Deck

The day is here. The moment you’ve all been waiting for… the epic conclusion to the “top ten” series of Wu-Tang. Inspectah Deck shouldn’t need an introduction. His pedigree speaks for itself. However, for those less familiar with the clan, a few words may be in order. While fans of the Rebel INS (still talking … Continue reading

Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World a.k.a. Trending in Stephen Hawking’s Mind a.k.a. Now Trending in my Mind

I’ve been pretty pumped up for Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World which premiered on The Science Channel two weeks ago, although it originally aired on Canadian television sometime last year, and you can watch all the episodes here (I’m watching them as they’re released on The Science Channel). The show’s premise is pretty straight forward: … Continue reading

Trending in my Mind

Azerbaijan Construction Boom: Saw this on the Science Channel the other day. Looks pretty awesome. Here’s some more information on everything going on. Be interesting to see the 2020 Olympics here. Supercomputers: I find the potential of supercomputers to be both exciting and terrifying. As soon as they can think for themselves, they’re not going … Continue reading

Top Ten: Verses from Method Man

M-E-T-H-O-D…Man. Some of you might be surprised to not find “Method Man” on my personal highlight reel for Method Man. While it’s a fun song no doubt, lyrically, it’s not one of Method Man’s stronger tracks, in my opinion. In fact, Method Man has come out and openly stated that he is not a fan … Continue reading

“The Avengers:” Greater than the Sum of its Parts

I’ll be frank with you guys; I didn’t think The Avengers would be good. Why? Because I found the Marvel superhero movies to be decent at best. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part they were enjoyable and entertaining, but nothing that got me terribly excited. Why else? Movies like Iron Man, The Incredible … Continue reading

Trending in my Mind

Perdido Spar:World’s deepest oil well. For now. Don Juan Pond: The most saline body of water on earth. Also has one of the coolest names on earth. The SSC Tuatara: None of the specs really mean anything to me. However, now I feel prepared when someone asks me the question: “what super expensive car would … Continue reading

Top Ten: Verses from Ghostface Killah

Here we go, down to the final three. Along with Method Man, Ghostface has enjoyed one of the better solo careers out of the clan, garnering widespread appeal along the way. For some reason, hipsters in particular have taken to Ghostface. If they had taken to an artist of lesser stature, this might have bothered … Continue reading

Trending In My Mind

Robin van Persie’s PFA Players’  Player of the Year acceptance speech: Captain Vantastic voted by his fellow professionals as the best player of the 2011-2012 premier league campaign. A new type of Gecko, the Bumblebee Gecko , discovered in Papua New Guinea: Proving there are still animals to be discovered on earth. Megafauna of the … Continue reading